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From a dairy shop to a dairy brand

- Here is "The Chasswala Story"

A 90s tale of a spirited Gujarati woman named Savitaben Patel and her zest for business started with an intention. An intention to provide her family and community with the purest, most wholesome dairy products. Little did Savitaben Patel know that her intention was concrete enough to birth a brand known as 'Chhaswala.'

She embarked on a modest entrepreneurial journey by starting a dairy shop named 'Patel Dairy’ in 1994. Fueled by a mission to provide wholesome alternatives to sugary drinks, Patel Dairy wanted to quench the nation's thirst with something healthier. Calling it a business, hence, would be an injustice as it was more of a movement; a commitment to well-being.

Since its establishment in 1994, Patel Dairy became more than just a dairy shop in the following years. While the shop's dairy products were in high demand, its 'Chaas,' i.e., 'buttermilk,' grew through the roof. In fact, 2001 marked a significant transformation as the name 'Chhaswala' emerged, over 'Patel Dairy'. It embraced its new identity, promising high-quality products and a healthier lifestyle.

As with any business soaring in success, the next step for Chhaswala was its expansion. Savitaben's son Jatin Patel took charge of her dairy business in 2015. He opened a dedicated franchise for Buttermilk and derivative dairy products, ticking off the obvious next step for the business.

Started in 2015 with a mission to make more and more people consume a healthier alternative to soft drinks, usually

Jatin Patel - Director

available at costlier prices, 'Chhaswala' has successfully grown into a customer-centric health-drink brand. Our branches are proof that people have continued to love us.

Producing more than 4000 liters of Buttermilk and a gigantic amount of other dairy derivatives freshly, everyday 'Chhaswala' provides Buttermilk, Curd, Lassi, Rabdi, and more than a dozen tastier, healthier dairy products at a viable price with utmost care to quality.

Today, we stand as a testament to the journey of a family, a brand, and India's collective desire for good health. With over 117 outlets across India, we continue to cater to generations that crave a traditional taste with a sip of health.


With over 175 outlets spanning three states in India, our mission is to have a Chhaswala outlet at every nook and corner of the country. While we are best known for our Chhass, all our other dairy derivatives also infuse a sense of Indianness that every Indian could relate to. Our effort always remains toward opening more outlets across India; however, it is also toward occupying space in the hearts of Indians with Rabdi, Lassi, Curd, and other flavourful products. We want to become India’s most loved brand.


At Chhaswala, we intend to revolutionize the beverage industry in India by providing a refreshing, fizz-free, and delicious option to traditional soft drinks. Through our products, we try to celebrate the Indian culture and its rich culinary heritage while adding more flavors to promote wellness. While our outlets are already present in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, we want to expand our presence to other states across India and become not just the leading but the most empowered brand in the nation.








Responsible business practice

Responsible business practice



Let's make India fizz-free!


Where gallons of milky products are made!

From nukad wali dukan to 175+ outlets in so many nukads, our journey has been a frolic ride! This mammoth growth over the years has brought us an entitlement to India’s fast-growing dairy brand. It is not just our uncompromised quality and deliciousness of products that made people fall in love with us but also the bandwidth of our production. At Chhaswala’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, we produce gallons of chhas and lassi with other products to keep up our stock at every outlet. To facilitate this we have a strong supply channel to maintain the availability of our products at every store.


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Pashu se pyaar

We care about our people, our food, our earth, our communities, and we also care about the cows that provide us with the milk we need to feed people around the India.